Caring For Your Child Newsletter #24 – 14 October 2014

14 October 2014 – Preparing your child for a new sibling – Eight ways to help improve your child’s vocabulary – Learning to say “I’m sorry” – Parent’s guide to teen depression – Basic dietary needs to vegetarians during pregnancy – South Africa’s best universities

Preparing your child for a new sibling

Getting your child ready for the transition from only child to sibling can be challenging, but there are some helpful ways to approach the situation. Read more here.

Eight ways to help improve your child’s vocabulary

Here are eight helpful ways to help your child improve their vocabulary. 

Learning to say “I’m sorry”

Learning to say sorry is an important lesson for children. The younger they start to learn this the better. It is also important for children to start to realize when they should say sorry or not. Read more here.

A parent’s guide to teen depression

Teen depression can be difficult to notice at time because so many other things are happening in our children’s lives. Read more here on how to spot the signs.

Basic dietary needs for vegetarians during pregnancy

Eating right is important during a pregnancy, and everyone needs to make sure that baby gets what they need. Here’s a guide for Vegetarians.

South Africa’s best universities

Whether your child is in matric this year or is starting to think about where they would like to study after school, it’s a good idea to stay in tune with who the top universities are in the country and what they offer. Read more here.

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