Caring For Your Child Newsletter #17 – 8 July 2014

3 Must Have Apps For Your Pregnancy

If you’ve been looking for an app to accompany your pregnancy, look no further! These are the top 3 apps to have.

School Holiday Ideas for School Going Children

There’s one more week before your little ones need to head back to school. If you feel that you are running out of ideas to keep them busy, here’s plenty for you!

Holiday Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers can be difficult at the best of times. When they’re bored, they can be much worse. Here are some great activities for your teenager to do in the last week of their holiday.

South Africa’s Education is Improving

According to a recent survey, South African education is on the mend. There have been plenty of talks about improving the education system and Limpopo has just launched the use of mobile devices in their schools, but this does not mean things will change over night. Read the survey results here.

Parenting a toddler at 50

Having a child when you’re older is known to be difficult. But there are plenty of reasons why it is so much easier to raise a child when you’re at this age. Find out more about raising a toddler at 50.

Mum’s Health Affects Baby’s Size

Studies have shown that the biggest decided of a baby’s size is how healthy mum is before and during her pregnancy. Find out more results from the study here.

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