Caring For Your Child Newsletter #16 – 26 June 2014

Be careful how you give your child career advice

The career advice you give your child now can damage a child’s work ethic. This happens especially when children are told they can be anything they want to be, only to be told “No” if what they want to do is deemed unworthy for any number of reasons. Find out more about the terrible career advice that parents can give.

Never leave baby in the car

Warnings about leaving your child in the car are usually most prominent in summer. In all honesty, it’s never a good idea to leave a child, especially a baby in the car. Here are some ways to ensure you remember to always take your children out of the car, and to avoid getting them locked in by accident.

What to do when a child’s first friends fade away

Your child will lose and gain friendships over the course of their life. At a young age, this mostly happens as children begin to form their own interests and their old friends possibly don’t share them. See what other mothers have experienced during this phase.

How to raise a reader

Reading and developing an imagination are incredibly important for a child’s development. Here’s how you can raise your child to be a reader.

10 ways to help avoid eating disorders

The media has always provided strange ideas on what looks good and what is healthy.younger children have started to be more aware of their weight and anxious to fit in with what is seen as societal norms. Find out how you can help avoid the development of eating disorders.

37 things you should know now you are pregnant

Here are some great things to keep in mind now that you are pregnant! This is helpful to deal with all the people who will feel the need to give you unwanted advice, how to deal with some uncomfortable situations and some of the things you can expect to change in your own body.

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