Caring For Your Child Newsletter #13 – 13 May 2014

How to Shop with Twins

Having twins can be rather challenging. You have to be in more than two places at once almost all the time to ensure that they are taken care of, and that you are taking care of yourself. Shopping can be especially daunting. Here are some tips on how you can shop with twins.

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

You might be feeling a bit different from normal and you’re not sure if you have a bit of the flu or if it could be something else. These are 8 early signs you can use to find out if you are pregnant.

When to Move Baby to Solid Foods

Moving your baby from milk to solid foods can be a process, and one you’re not sure of how to start. Here’s all you need to know about the solid food transition period.

What to do if Your Child is Having Behavioral Problems at School

Behavioral problems in a school environment can be tricky to deal with. Here is what you can do to address them.

A Roadway to Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence 

We all hear terrors about dealing with teenagers, and they are known to be the difficult years of parenting. You can find ways around it though and ways of dealing with whatever issues arise as a family. Here’s a roadmap to what you can expect.

Cisco to Help SA with Education

Cisco has plans to help South Africa with our education. Find out what those plans are here.

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