Caring for your Child Newsletter #11 – 15 April 2014

Easter family traditions your toddler will love

Easter is a great time of year to start your own family traditions. Whether it’s a certain cake that you make, or an activity that you do as a family, traditions help families bond. Not sure what you traditions can be? Look here for some ideas.

Ideas for Baby’s first Easter

Baby’s first Easter is a special time. But egg hunts might not be on the agenda just yet. Here are a list of different ideas that you can include in your baby’s Easter basket.

SA: Focus on foundation phase yields results

Deputy Minister of Education Enver Surty says government’s focus on education at the foundation phase is showing results. Read more here.

50 Easter inspired baby names

Whether you are religious or not, there are some beautiful names that you can name your baby if they are born around Easter. Take a look at this list of the top 50 Easter baby names.

Taste test: the best Easter eggs for children

The British Guardian asked 20 under 11 year olds to do a chocolate taste testing for them! Now, these may not be South African sweets, but it can give you some idea as to what your child will enjoy come Easter Sunday. See the results here.

Surprise your teen this Easter

While there is a bunny in this picture, we don’t suggest that you get your teen an animal unless they are responsible enough to look after them. But your teens are not little children anymore, and Easter can be a time of year that they feel patronised when the egg hunt begins. Here are some other ways to treat your teen.

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